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    Stan Lindsey

    Loving the workflows – how can I exit a workflow and head back to the ‘start’ step in order to re-select a new workflow if required?

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    Oro Team

    Hi Stan! Thanks for the kind words.

    Currently we do not support multiple workflows for the same entity, therefore it is meaningless to go back to ‘start’ step since it represents a situation where no record exists (and the record is usually created via initial transition along with the workflow).

    It is possible to restart the already started workflow in order to go through it from scratch. Usually it is implemented by a “reverse” transition that brings the workflow back to its default step and wipes out all data that has been entered in its course. An out-of-the-box example is our B2B Sales Flow where you can reopen a closed opportunity bringing it back into New state—at the expense of removing the close revenue value.

    Hope that helps your case.

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