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    Jan Willem

    Hi there,

    A few questions about email synchronization in OROcrm. I’ve set up the right settings in my user account in OroCRM to receive mails from my IMAP-server. I’ve added a cronjob to automatically receive mails, if available off course. There are no errors in the log:

    Resetting hanged email origins …
    Updated 0 row(s).
    Finding an email origin …
    Found “ (IP)” email origin. Id: 5.
    Loading existing folders …
    Loaded 2 folder(s).
    Retrieving folders from an email server …
    Retrieved 2 folder(s).
    Loading emails from “INBOX” folder …
    Query: “SINCE 23-Nov-2014”.
    Found 2 email(s).
    Loading email address(es) “” …
    Loaded 0 email address(es).
    Loading emails from “INBOX.Spam” folder …
    Query: “SINCE 23-Nov-2014”.
    Found 0 email(s).
    Finding an email origin …
    Found “ (IP)” email origin. Id: 5.
    Exit because all origins have been synchronised.

    I add myself as a customer with a different mailadres to Magento. My Orocrm synced very well with Magento, so I’m visible in OroCRM as a customer. I’ve sended an email to the emailadress I’m using in OroCRM to see if the email appears. No mails are showing up.

    Based on what kind of variables does OroCRM check my mail, so they know if the email belongs to me in OROCRM or not?

    Or do I need to set up more, like ACL or other settings, to make email-synchronization work?

    I hope anyone can help me.

    Best Regards,
    Jan Willem

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    Vova Soroka

    Hello Jan,

    OroCRM performs synchronization of emails are sent between users and contacts registered in OroCRM.
    Based on the log file you provided I see that there is an user with email address in OroCRM, this user has an email(s) from in INBOX folder, but this email address is not belongs any user/contact in OroCRM. So, as result this email was skipped.

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