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    Hi everyone,
    we’re using the b2b process workflow and thus leads and opportunities. One Problem that occurs to me is that it seems as if we need to enter contact information twice in the process – hopefully you can help me figure this out. The way I understand it:

    We start with a Lead (empty contacts, empty accounts, empty business customers)
    > let’s say we turn it into an opportunity which we then win.
    Now from what I understand the goal should then be to have the following information at the end:
    1 won opportunity (e.g. business suggestion 1 for Person X with Email, Phone, Address…)
    2 contact of the opportunity (Person X with Address, Phone, email, Position…)
    3 Account (Company Y of Contact Person X)
    4 business customer (Company Y with Person X)

    Now my problem is that if I go through this starting with a lead at the end I seem to get Business customer (and maybe account) but NOT a contact with the information from the Lead/Opportunity. If I want to have them as a contact I need to enter all information again…?

    Now – do I get something wrong? Do we need to forget about contacts and just use Leads/opportunities in the future? If so how do we relate to accounts/business customers and are there further drawbacks?

    Alltogether at the moment if feels like the sales process (leads/opportunities) is simply not connected with the contacts (as e.g. I can NOT use contact information to create a lead) – or maybe I understand something wrong. I went through the videos etc. but can’t figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    1) leads are by their nature “proto-contacts” — they contain contact information but it is not yet verified to justify creating proper contacts.

    2) while leads are qualified, the sales rep verifies this information and decides whether it’s worth keeping it in the system. Usually this happens when there is indeed some interest on the customer side that leads to opportunity being created

    3) when sales rep creates an opportunity from a lead, the form actually contains fields for two entities: opportunity and contact. The latter is pre-filled with lead info to avoid duplicate entry
    like this:

    4) after the lead is qualified (or disqualified) it is no longer needed—it fulfilled its function and may rest in peace 🙂
    Contact is the “permanent” entity to store contact information about the customer

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