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    I’ve created a php script to generate a csv file containing 1000 contacts with fake data.
    When I use the contact wizard import, he found that there is 1000 records but nothing is imported. I’ve created a contact normally and have exported the data to see the format.
    What is displayed:
    Import validation results
    Number of items
    Records to add 0
    Records to replace 0
    Records to update 0
    Records to delete 0
    Records with errors
    Total number of records 1000
    And just a back button.

    Here is a sample of my contact csv :

    Any idea ?

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    Yevhen Shyshkin


    Thank you very much for your post, it looks that we need to return better message response to client in case of import/export issues – we will improve it ASAP.

    Here is what you can do for now. I’ve looked on your import file, and here is issues I found:
    * using M/F instead of male/female
    * incorrect order and position of address fields (its important – your fields must match header titles);
    * not all required address data is entered – required address fields are country (ISO2 code), region (ISO2 code or text), city and postal code.

    Here how you import file should look:

    You can test this file on our demo instance:

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