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    Never before he had installed an application as Orocrm, and indeed am very confused.

    I found 2 Orocrm applications, one is the crm and the other is the platform do not understand anything, I missed.

    What are the most tide me folder structures not finish them understand and do not know how they work, if someone could give me a hand, I appreciate it.

    Thank you.

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    Dima Soroka

    hello @jhoedram

    Thanks for pointing this out. We would like to understand better a source of your confusion and fix it.
    On the download page we have two references to two different applications – OroCRM and OroPlatform. Information about OroCRM is available under “Product” menu and about OroPlatform under “Developers” menu. On the GitHub each application provide basic infromation in the README file.

    Both applications are using Symfony Standard Application folders structure and define own dependencies.

    Could you please explain what is confusing here?

    Thank you

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