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    Konstantin Stupak


    I am currently involved in Eltrino Ebay integration bundle development. Our team came up with an idea of ordering the integration connectors by some parameter, say ‘priority’ or ‘order’. This will allow to facilitate correct data loading sequence and preserve data consistency if required. E.g. in our bundle we need to load the customer’s data first and use these data to import ebay orders in correct way.

    Will it be possible to implement such feature?
    Currently the only way to load data in required order is to play around the checkboxes on integration edit page, which is neither convenient or intuitive.

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    Alexandr Smaga

    Hello @konstantin_stupak !

    Yes, it sounds reasonable. It could be optional feature on interface level, could you please prepare a PR for this ?

    Thank you for your feedback!



    I’ve just download orocrm virtualmachine and installed ebay integration but in system/integration/manage integrations I dont’t have an options for type to continue the ebay setup. Any help will be appriciated.



    Artem Liubeznyi


    eBay integration has been developed by Eltrino, not Oro Inc, so you probably should look for the answer with them.


    Konstantin Stupak

    Hello, @a1trade
    Please read Installation Instructions carefully –
    You should run oro:platform:update with an empty cache.

    If you may have any further questions, consider letting Eltrino team know via github issues or via an email to

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