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    After studying the intgration with Mailchimp, am I right in assuming that I’m not able to see which “campains” have a particular customer/account have been included in?

    I’m only limited to syncing the emails, and campaign reporting?


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    Artem Liubeznyi

    Hi Dmytro,

    It is actually possible to get this information. Here’s an example of filter you have to apply to create a report that returns all Magento customers who were subjects to the particular Mailchimp campaign. Same filtering chain should be applied for Accounts, Contacts and other entities that may serve as a basis for Marketing lists.

    filter example



    Hi Artem,

    But this information is not easily accessible for every customer.. is it?

    For some reason I always assumed that there will be like a note section under every client, where i can see a history of all the email campaigns that the client received? Is there any way to achieve that without doing a lot of filtering/custom notes?


    Vita Pogrebnyak

    Hi Dmytro,
    1. You can view list of members to which your email campaign was sent on the Email campaign’s view page in the Recipients section.
    2. Also you can view members of particular Email campaign by building report using filter by Campaign name (as Artem described above).
    3. The section on the record’s view page (Contact, Magento customer etc) with list of Email campaigns in which the record was involved is in our roadmap in scope of Marketing features improvements.

    Feel free to ask us any question!

    Best regards,

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