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    Are OROcommerce and OROcrm intended to be used side-by-side? Will it share accounts information?
    When is an OROcommerce Magento integration expected to be released?

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    Yoav Kutner

    The short answer is yes. Both OroCommerce and OroCRM will be available and offered side by side. A lot if not most of B2B businesses that have a sales team need a CRM as well as an online ecommerce platform to manage their sales so we are going to offer OroCommerce with OroCRM pre-integrated. That said if a company has a CRM that they prefer using other than OroCRM that will be possible as well through integration. We already know of such integrations being built by our ecosystem for SugarCRM and Salesforce



    Thank you. I will watch OROCommerce and once it has Magento integration I’ll migrate from crm to commerce. Thanks

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