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    I’m not able to send emaiL to customers, the error “Could not perform transition: The email was not delivered” comes on the system.
    Checking the logs gives me this error

    please assit

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    Hello, could you please provide more details (version of application, action which is being performed when error occurs, etc.) ? Have you checked if your mailer configuration is working? Could you provide example of parameters.yml file that you use?



    Hello, I’m using latest v1.1.
    I have connected google apps business gmail to the system to send and receive emails,
    when it comes to sending order emails,or system connected emails , or to export document email, outgoing doesnot work, furthur more in the terminal i saw the output using

    and got sendmail error, therefore i configured that, the order stauts shows email sent to customer but the receipent email DOESNOT receive anything.

    Please Assist



    Could you please provide your parameters.yml file? If mails are not sent it means that your mailer configuration may be wrong. I’ve just checked and for gmail working configuration should be similar to



    thanks for responding
    here is the parameters.yml settings, but the recipient does not receive any email
    Note: the system doesnot not shown success message, the green popup “usually its green popup saying message sent”

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    With gmail corporate accounts, there may be some security configuration that blocks sending emails from app.

    Please check with standard gmail account also for testing purpose.



    i tried with a normal account, signed up as admin with normal Gmail email added the configuration to send and receive emails (able to see inbox and synced ), modified in parameters.yml too
    restarted apache and php-fpm, but email still doesn’t reach to recipient
    IS there anything im missing? Do i have to configure sendmail or phpmail() function to make it work.



    You do not have to configure any phpmail function and so on, it should be covered by the mailer library itself.

    What you can check also is sending email directly from php code using for example PHPMailer library. Try to configure it with your corporate gmail account and check if that works. I’ve just double checked application with configured private and corporate gmail and it works with both.

    Please also check if there are any steps missing in your configuration.



    Hello, thanks for reaching out. ok so after looking at link provided, i tried to edit these files but the email still does not reach to recipient. here are the settings

    in config.yml file

    In parameters.yml

    In config_dev.yml

    please assist.
    Im have a question,
    I already have emails synced and ablee to compose a mail and i can see that in my sent folder in the orocommerce system itself.
    but when send system related mails like in this case, why its using php mai, so lets say employee wants to send emails like these with her/him own corporate gmail…how would that be done?? Since there is only one stated in the configuratin ?


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