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    1. When creating new product attributes, where are they stored in the database? I can’t find any attribute list within the SQL dump.

    2. When deleting a product attribute, the attribute says deleted in the attribute table, but remains in the schema. How do I purge the deleted attributes from the view and permanently remove them?

    3. When clicking update schema button, the process just hangs. Are there any other log files I can look at besides the prod.log? There are no error messages there.

    4. Where in the documentation (preferably developer style) does it show the attribute creation process?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Hi, Jack.

    1. If you will open System -> Entities -> Entity Management and open Product entity you will see your attribute as one of fields of that entity. Data of your attribute will be saved in field ‘serialized_data’ of table ‘oro_product’.

    2. So, we have extended field and once added field will be shown in grid of extended fields. You can restore it if you want. Of course right after field was deleted it is no longer visible on the product page.

    3. Please, provide steps to reproduce your issue. Maybe you found some kind of bug.

    4. Please, see more information in that document

    Please, let me know if you have more question. Thank you.

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