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    Here is my basic information:

    1. Application related information:

    Application Type: OroCommerce
    Application Version: 1.1.1
    Application Edition: Community

    2. Environment related information:

    OS, name and version: Ubuntu 16.04.1
    Web server, name and version: Nginx 1.10.3
    Database, name and version: MySQL, 5.7.19
    PHP, version: 7.0.18

    I’m trying to configure ORO to send mails using the standard Gmail SMTP settings as found on:

    When I enter the SMTP settings in System/Configuration/Email configuration/SMTP settings and click on the “Check SMTP Connection” button I get reply “Connection established succesfully”.

    SMTP Connection confirmed

    Next I save the settings. I notice that after saving the settings the password box is not filled anymore but I’m assuming this is a security feature? Then to test if mailing is working correctly I log out and go to the “Forgot password” link and request a new password. When entering my email I get the reply “A email has been send to…”

    Mail send

    But the mail never arrives.

    I checked the outgoing ports on the server hosting OROCommerce and they appropriate ports are open. The used Gmail account is not blocking traffic from the server.

    Am I overlooking a setting? How can I get OROCommerce to send mails?

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    Hi jorrit.vandenbroeck,

    Thank you for your question, we will investigate this, until then can you please put these settings in app/config/parameters.yml instead? You can follow the official symfony documentation for this from here

    You can more easily test it for example from admin/customer/user/view/{some_existing_user_id}, clicking on More Actions -> Send Email. Here you will get instant feedback if the email configuration is not correct.



    Internal ID: BAP-15487




    I have configured all settings properly in YML file as well as in Configurations tab but still emails are not going. Also, how can we setup SMTP relay for OroCommerce?


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