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    I have been attempting to install orocommerce. I have experienced the same results with php version 5.6, 7 and 7.1
    Using the web installer results in the same problem too.

    The error appears at the below stage of the installer on the command line.

    // Clearing the cache for the prod environment with debug false

    Segmentation fault (core dumped)

    The command ‘/opt/sp/php5.6/bin/php’ ‘app/console’ ‘cache:clear’ ‘–env=prod’ terminated with an exit code: 139.

    Any suggestions? It looks to be so close to a complete install. I have cleared the cahce folder manually and visited the frontend, but it shows php errors of segmentation fault.


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    The Jackal

    For me, the problem is due to lack of memory. It needs at least 1GB of memory. Try increasing your memory or increase the swapfile size.



    Hi Jackal,

    Did you have the same problem?

    I have a 1gb memory limit on php, 2gb on the server.



    The Jackal

    Well..not sure if exact same problem, but my installation keeps failing at this step too. For me, I increased my swapfile size and the problem went away.



    Segfault code 139 is most likely related to the memory access violation.
    Try to increase the php memory_limit value further, or set it -1 (effectively removing the memory limit).
    If memory limit is already set to 1GB (which is more than enough for the installation), then the problem may be related to the overall available memory size, as I imagine PHP is not the only process running on the server, and 2GB might be not enough for all applications.



    I have tested this on 2 different servers with 4GB ram and php memory limits for fpm and cli to 4GB or -1

    I get the same result. I have also tested on multiple php versions and various lamp stacks in Vagrant and Digital Ocean.

    Can anyone supply an environment config that has the latest git clone working and installing past this step?



    – CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz
    – RAM: 4Gb
    – HDD: 5400RPM
    – OS: Linux
    – MySQL 5.6

    Both PHP versions 5.6 and 7.1 settings are changed to fit Oro requirements:
    – adjusted memory limit to 3Gb
    – opcache enabled with next configuration options set
    — opcache.memory_consumption = 512M
    — opcache.max_accelerated_files = 100000

    Full installation time with demo data loading, assets optimizations and translations loading took
    – PHP 5.6 ~ 22 minutes
    – PHP 7.1 ~ 10 minutes



    I have just tested with the same settings (enabling opcache, 3GB memory limit etc)

    The same result. Can you confirm your full php version?


    Dmitry Khrysev

    My environment has next configuration



    I get the same result on php 5.6 latest and php 7.1 latest, that would suggest its not a php version right?

    I’m not sure what to try next, I’ve given the machines so much RAM and ensured memory_limits are beyond ridiculous.

    Have either of you run the installer from the latest git version on your stacks, or where installs completed in the past?



    Dmitry Khrysev

    Try to install on empty DB and check that installed flag in parameters.yml is set to false



    I have dropped the database every time (on the various installs/servers) Today I spun up a new droplet at digital ocean, done the whole thing from scratch and end up with the same result. Everything looks fine going through the install until the cache clear at the end.

    Not sure it should matter, but it’s all been on Ubuntu 14.04 / 16.04 distros…


    Dmitry Khrysev

    Latest PHP version has introduced segmentation fault bugs. Please try to install application with previous version – PHP 7.1.2



    PHP 5.6.30 -> segmentation fault
    PHP 7.1.3 -> segmentation fault
    PHP 7.0.17 -> works



    On PHP v 7.0.17 I still get the same result. See error message below. Complaining of a directory not being empty.


    Timber Wolf

    I tried the installation yesterday about the clone way from git and got the same error.

    Interesting was that the error only occurs if I tried to use the prod environment.

    With the development parameter I got a successful installation but no access through the browser.

    All here given parameter or hints didn’t work.

    I will start a deeper analysis this evening and post my results here.

    Php 7.0
    MySql 5.6
    Ubuntu 16.04 act. Kernel and Updated.

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