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    Hi !

    I got a problem when I try to import product from cli.
    I had run the clank server and message queue.

    So when I import my csv file from web interface, my products are sucessfully imported, but when I try from cli, the job got status success but my products are not in products list.

    However, I got some PHP warning because of sprintf

    It seem the code miss some parameters.

    I made the test in my local machine and on the virtual machine downloaded on

    Maybe I have to create some issue on oroplatform/orocommerce or some people got the solution ?

    Thx for answers.

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    Hi Tyler,

    Can you please tell me which version of the virtual machine have you downloaded and used? Latest orocommerce stable, or development?

    I’ve tried on a latest development version, on my local machine (not with virtual) and the operation works with this command:



    Hi Dandries,

    Thx for answer.

    Yes I’m using orocommerce 1.0 stable and I had only one choice for the VM.

    I dont use this command because she is not in my app/console list

    app/console oro:import:file ~/oro_product_product_2017_02_23_16_06_45_58aeec75772d8.csv

    So I use

    I got this exactly this packages :

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    Hei Tyler,

    I’ve tried also on a first stable 1.0.0 version, and indeed it is bug there.
    In newer versions though, this problem is fixed.

    Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.



    Ok, thanks, I’m waiting for the next version.



    @dandries, So maybe you can help me for the API :
    I’m trying to POST a product, I generate my wsse header but I dont know the expected content json data to the API. The sandbox is not avaible in POST.

    Can you help me on this point ?




    There is a blog post for the new oro API: .
    Also, there is the documentation of the API bundle which can help

    For using the WSSE header, there is a documentation article: .

    Another resource can be found in the application at this route : http://[your_application_base_url]admin/api/doc/rest_json_api . Here you can find the REST api for a lot of entities, including Product, and you can see and test them.

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