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    I am working on a seller/product association module where in i am able to save product/seller mapping from admin panel into db. I have created custom table to store the data and now i want to customize the default search functionality on front end to search product based on seller. Whenever user enters vendor name in search bar the vendor listing should come and on click of each of the vendor item the product listing should appear. Please provide the steps or direction i should follow to implement this custom feature. Let me know if there is any tutorial or example to look at.


    Jeetendra Gawas

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    Hi Jeetendra,

    As I understand, you have 2 needs:

    1. Suggestion of search items in the search bar – There is an open story ticket for this type of behavior, but as far as I can tell it is not yet planned, so I cannot give you an ETA of when it will be available. So for now, to achieve this you would have to implement your custom solution.

    2. Search products by seller – For the front end search functionality, WebsiteSearchBundle is used. You can check the documentation on how to customize the search query, as you will see this can be done in several ways.


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