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    I ‘m unable to search email with special characters through advanced search api

    This query return only one contact.

    But some email like this

    return not exactly email i want. (There is only one contact use this email)
    Screenshot use Postman

    I tried to run this code in laravel.
    I tried to use url encode $email only, $query, $endpoint. The result always is 404 not found.

    How to convert email to some form that is search more accurately?
    There is anything i need to change my php code to make this function work like postman?

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    There is another question.

    Many country in Asia doesn’t required state field for address. How to by pass this validate this?

    Sample request data:

    I tried many solution:

    Comment isRegionValid callback in vendor/oro/crm/src/OroCRM/Bundle/ContactBundle/Resources/config/validation.yml
    Fake state: “contact[addresses][0][state]”: “”,
    Event try US state:
    “contact[addresses][0][country]”: “US”, //ISO-2 Format
    “contact[addresses][0][state]”: “AL”, //Alabama


    Artem Liubeznyi

    State (region) field is optional for addresses since 1.8 release. What version are you on?


    Hi Artem,

    I’m using oro 1.8.2

    P/s: I need to remove address validation in rest api call. I’m using cronjob to sync contacts with orocrm.

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