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    Paul Stoica


    I saw that Oro User Groups (Oro\Bundle\UserBundle\Entity\Group entity) has possibility to add roles, but the code is commented in GroupType::buildForm, and in view is not added that form(form.rules).

    I want to use these feature completely, is there a reason this was removed?
    I can extend UserBundle to add this feature again, but can you tell me if there was an issue with it, or something else?

    I use ‘1.9.*’ version for oro-platform.

    Thank you,

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    Yevhen Shyshkin

    Hello, Paul.

    As I remember originally UserGroup entity was intended to assign additional permissions by groups, but later we introduced BusinessUnit/Organization entities and whole security mechanism for this purpose, so now roles field is basically unused.

    If you need to use it feel free to do that, but you should remember that selected roles will not affect security permissions.


    Paul Stoica

    Ok, I know that will not affect security permissions, but I thought that I can add onpersist, or onsubmit user form these roles taken from selected group, or something like this. Because I wanted to select roles on Business Unit(in user form) and only if I use groups of roles I have this possibility, because the Role entity doesn’t have ownership, for what I saw.

    Thank you.


    Yevhen Shyshkin

    > Role entity doesn’t have ownership
    Probably, we should improve this behaviour – your case sounds quite reasonable.

    For now you can use use UserGroups for this purpose. As for place to modify user roles – I’d recommend to override UserHandler service and fix onSuccess method there.


    Paul Stoica

    Ok, Thank you.

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