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    I had some migration on tables but I repent of it so
    -delete migration file
    -delete migration version from oro_migrations table
    -delete [customeName] migration’s filed from oro_entity_config_field table
    -delete [customeName]filed from main [Account] table

    but i have error:
    A model for “OroCRM\Bundle\AccountBundle\Entity\Account::customeName” was not found

    last week i work of version 1.7.5 and there was not any error but when i upgrade to version 1.8.2 i have error

    is there another place in database that have config of migration?

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    Hi, @golriz-nourani.

    Please check ‘oro_entity_config’ table, actually the record related to the Account.
    Seems you’ve forgot to delete references to your [customerName] field. So, it still present in proxy classes.
    Also please check ‘oro_entity_config_index_value’ table.

    Actually, the right way was to create migration for deletion of your field.

    Also you can use the cli commands for debug purposes, hope it will help you to investigate the problem:
    – ‘./app/console oro:entity-config:debug’
    – ‘./app/console oro:entity-config:debug -l’ -> will give you the list of all entities
    – ‘./app/console oro:entity-config:debug “OroCRM\Bundle\AccountBundle\Entity\Account” -l’ -> will give you the list of all fields for ‘Account’ entity
    – ‘./app/console oro:entity-config:debug “OroCRM\Bundle\AccountBundle\Entity\Account” fieldName’ -> will give you the configuration of ‘fieldName’ for ‘Account’ entity.

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