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    I have a problem that is not an oro crm problem, but related to wsse protocol. I implemented a wsse client to access orocrm REST API by using CURL to test the protocol, but it works only if I run it runs on the same server of orocrm installation. I’m using apache on orocrm server: do I need to set any directive?

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    I solved my problem. My client was right, it was working properly on the same server of orocrm installation because it had the same datetime. The problem is that the client and the server must be sincronized: this doesn’t seem a good feature because the customer might be in another part of the world with another timezone, and in this case it cannot use SOAP/REST API.


    Alexandr Smaga

    Hello @alendo!

    Thanks for highlighting this! We aware of this issue, it was raised in this topic. We will plan work on this !

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