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    Is it possible to have a filter in datagrid that can filter on an entity related to the entity being shown?

    Example scenario:

    A view that contains all orders placed on an ecommerce store. The view is of course a summary of the orders. So a normal filter would be “Order ID” for example. Nothing complicated here.

    We then create a related entity called OrderItems which contain all the items ordered. These order items will not be in the main Order entity.

    Now we want to add a filter in the order view, which we can filter on the SKU, so it will only show orders with orderitems that have SKU “123”.

    Hope it makes sense.

    Is this possible and how?

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    Yevhen Shyshkin

    Hello, Jowo.

    You can add your own filter both on backend and frontend, see existing datagrid filters in OroFilterBundle.

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