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    HOW can i upload translation files (.yml) into my ORO Platform using web interface?

    thank you in advance


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    Hi Matteo,

    We do not expect users of OroPlatform applications to work with .yml files. They can download CSV file, translate it as necessary, and upload it back from the UI:

    • go to System -> Localization -> Languages
    • add a language
    • for this language, click on Download action icon
    • to upload the translated file, click on Upload action icon

    As a developer, you may still use .yml files to supply the translation, but you need to add them to the application code. Assuming you have create a bundle for your customizations, it will be sufficient to place all new .yml files under ‘Resources/translations’ folder of your bundle.



    Hello, Matteo.

    At the moment with a web interface, you can manage only translations, stored in DB (DB – one of two translations storages of Oro application, the second – .yml files) – in “System -> Localization -> Translations” admin UI page.

    To add your .yml files you have to add them manually using, for example, Git (or other version control system).

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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