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    Yevhen Shyshkin

    Hello, Rodolfo.

    Look’s like we have an issue in AttachmentBundle – it uses only locale file system to generate appropriate URL. Thank you very much for reporting, we definitely need to fix this issue!

    As for workaround – you can override AttachmentManager service and fix this issue there according to your local environment.


    Yurii Muratov

    Hi, @rbandeira.
    This link goes to the resized image cache. Yes. It’s goes to your server, not to the Amazon.
    If such resized file does not exists, server will receive original image from the Amazon, resize it and put to the server’s cache to minimize requests to the storage.



    Thank you for the answers.

    I did some research and managed to solve the problem so here it is the solution just in case someone else face the same issue.

    1) First I found this on Nginx error logs:

    When we go to KnpGaufretteBundle documentation it says to use Amazon SDK version 1.6.2. (“amazonwebservices/aws-sdk-for-php”: “1.6.2”), and I noticed that AWS SDK version 1.6.3 doesn’t have THIS LINE that was generating errors as we saw on nginx error logs.

    So, I changed the composer.json to use aws-sdk 1.6.3.

    2) After that I just had to set write permissions on web/media folder. Found this checking app/logs/prod.log.

    Hope this can help someone else and again, thank you very much.



    @rodolfo is there any way you can share your config? I’m stuck trying to setup S3



    @jordiadame sure, jump in on OroCommunity Slack Channel and I can help you out. Request your invitation on slack [at]

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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