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    Nikita Petrov

    We translated locally some untranslated bundles to Russian language. Before this we got yaml files for translation with oro:translation:pack command.

    Now we have locally some yamls with Russian translations. Is there any way to upload them to Crowdin? I’m proofreader for Russian translation but can not find any way to upload our translation. We can not find any possible way for best translation without local testing of result, so we think, upload function should be implemented in Crowdin.

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    Upload translations can only admin and I’m not sure that it will work 100% correct
    You can send me your zip file, I will try to upload

    BTW why don’t you translate at Crowdin service? You can translate there and can approve, what is the problem to do translations there?


    Nikita Petrov

    Ok, thank you. I’ll send translation for you when I will get any results of our translator.

    Translation in files locally is faster for us than via Crowdin. Additionally with local translation we can quickly check result via preview in OroCRM. The second additional is that I wasn’t a proofreader when we started translation.



    Ok. At this time we will try to upload your translations, but in future please do all translations at Crowdin service, because it is faster for us and other participants of translations


    Dima Soroka


    We’ll check with Crowdin team if there are any possibility to upload files for users as this is very typical case when translator works offline and wants to upload files.

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