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    Stepan Yudin

    Hi everyone!

    Today i faced an interesting issue. I need to override Role validation (role label length constraint). So, i created new validation rules and placed em in specific validation group. Now i need to apply this validation group to AclRoleType form.

    Here is a form extension code:

    And registered this extension:

    But it is not works. I tried to use this extension for UserType form – and everything was ok.
    Can you tell me why this happens? And what im doing wrong.

    Thank you!

    Docker environment for Symfony2/OroCRM/OroBAP development on Windows platform

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    Mike Kudelya


    I think your RoleExtension didn’t execute because role form doesn’t contain service. I have tried your case too.

    Try to override AclRoleType

    and AclRoleHandler:

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