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    $proxy = new \SoapClient(‘’);
    $sessionId = $proxy->login(‘para’, ‘12345678’);
    $baseProducts = $proxy->call($sessionId, ‘product.list’, array(‘status’ => true));

    This is pure php call for magento Custom Api Actually what i need is Import magento contact us data to orocrm without using magento bridge extension how can i do this ?

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    Any help I appreciate Thanks



    Hi @senanayaka!

    I think the correct way is by creating a custom connector for the Magento integration and endpoint in Magento API (if there not one supported by default). This should provide some functionality out of the box, such as scheduling the sync (if you have a cronjob running for oro cron), setting up connection and importing data from a SOAP wsdl. By creating this connector, it will allow you to focus on your part of the import instead of writing a complete import functionality. You can find examples of different connectors in the OroCRMMagentonBundle in the ImportExport folder under Connectors. Although I do not know if Magento 2 is supported already, maybe some of the Oro Core can shed some light on this :).

    Hope this helps just a little.

    Kind Regards,

    Jaimy Casteleijn

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