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    I want to create a role and assign it to a user so that on login with that user he can see only orders, sales and customers related to him.

    For example in magento I have created a sales person who brought up 3 sales and customers. When I create a user for same sales person in ORO under magento channel he should see only those 3 sales and customers rather than complete channel’s customers and sales. Thanks.

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    I also want this. I’m not sure if it’s right, but when you set the role have you tried choosing user rather than global permissions for each relevant page?


    Mike Kudelya

    Anton, you are right, you need to set the narrowest rights, (i.e. user)
    Channel by default has default owner, all imported entities will be assigned to it.
    The main problem set to order, for example, user as owner which must be the same between magento and oro. I think magento should send to oro owner identifier (username, etc) and oro should search this identifier and set right owner. But this is not available in orocrm right now.

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