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    Hi everybody,

    I want to create a Form Type called ‘MyOwnMoneyType’ to display 2 fields: 1 text field for money value and 1 select field for currency. I want to display it in 1 row, so that I dont create 2 normal field (money and currency)

    So my code will be like that:

    I already created a new form type, add 2 these fields in BuildForm, but I dont know how to parse the name of the field (in my case is ‘cost’) to the text field inside it.

    Anyone have exp for this case?


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    Artem Liubeznyi


    Please be aware that we will be adding exactly this functionality in the next release of OroCRM. You will be able to specify currency along with the opportunity amount.

    This functionality is already in development, and first code should be pushed to the master branch within a week or two. Perhaps you’d want to wait for it and then use our implementation as the base.

    Thank you.




    Thank you for your reply, I will wait for your release 😀

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