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    Hi, how I can add custom field to Address Entity ?

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    Dima Soroka

    Address entity is not extended entity yet because of few technical limitations (output formatting management and form). Please describe your case so we’ll make sure it will be covered when we’ll implement this change.



    Hi Dima,


    With regards to Address Entity, we wish for the following features, as felt in our case.
    1. Ability to set a Default Country
    2. Ability to set a Default Region
    3. Extendability of Country->Region kind of relation to further down to levels like
    a. Region -> Cities
    b. Cities -> Localities
    c. Localities -> Zip

    4. Address Entity for Users. This IMHO is a very important and helpful change. In our use case, we wish to assign contacts to Users based on geographical proximity (based on zip / locality)

    We also wish to enhance google maps view of address based on the role.
    For eg. a sales executive or lead followup executive sees leads assigned to him on his map (in our case it would be a volunteer seeing contacts assigned to him with directions to selected contact)

    Similarly the admin level user who assigns contacts to users sees a different view when viewing contacts. In contact view the google map of contact also shows users who are in the vicinity with tool tips show address/zip

    While am trying my hand on implementing these, it would be wonderful if this is considered as a feature request and implemented by experts.

    For your kind consideration pl.

    warm regards and gratitude,


    Dima Soroka

    Thanks @spurgeonbj, we’ll add 1, 2 and 4 as well as “My Leads” map and extendability of user to roadmap.



    Dear Dima,


    Thanks a ton for your kind response! That’s awesome! So kind of you to have considered the request!

    Warm regards and gratitude,

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