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    Hey there again 🙂

    We want to be able to setup a staging environment and a production environment where we deploy the application (most likely via capistrano).

    I saw, that some meta data is saved directly to database, like for example oro_entity_config* tables. Do you have advice how to handle for example changes to schema of custom entities? We think about using doctrine migrations for that, but what about the content of those meta data tables? Do we need to update those via some oro command (like there is for example entity-config:init)? And is that even possible/safe so no references are getting lost or changed?

    Let’s go further: is it possible to add a new custom entity to a running environment? Commands needed? When/how/which? Do you have any documentation for that or some advice?

    Thank you for help!

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    Hmmmm. Anyone?


    Alexandr Smaga


    Migrations are in progress, so as for now we can’t give you exact scenario. But seems that it should be similar to following steps:

    • Deploy the code
    • Run update commands(migrations, demo data, etc)
    • Migrate real data using some third party tools

    Dima Soroka

    Let me add some clarification:
    – Custom entity can be deployed to production environment with additional bundle configuration and ” oro:entity-extend:update-config” command
    – You can use doctrine migrations, copy data to oro_entity_config* tables and clear cache for migration between environments
    – We have staging/production story in backlog, will have it implemented in a couple of month



    Thank you for the answer. I am not sure if I understood everything though… Will just have to try it out.

    Oro is “caching” a lot of data inside database it seems. But is there any documentation where/when this synchronization of data to db happens we can rely on?

    Copying data from oro_entity_config* tables from staging to production sounds crucial to me, as maybe on production some more custom fields have been added to extendable entities.


    Dima Soroka

    You can find base documentation in proper bundles:

    We are working on documentation improvements and commands simplification as well.


    Pavel Levin

    Do you have news about migration implementation?


    Dima Soroka

    Yes, we released our migration bundle that allows to migrate schema and data. Please see more details on

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