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    Hi guys,

    I am developing a new application based on “Oro platform” and i need to connect the same Users, BusinessUnit etc to my core application (which is also an “Oro Application”).
    One solution would be to synchronise each entities for each modifications.. but that would be a bit tedious and hard to maintain.

    My first idea was to configure the new application in order to access Entities from the other (the core).
    To do that i used a doctrine event(Dispatcher) to add a prefix on each desired tables and thereby describe witch database to access.
    It almost works, excepts for some joins !! But i don’t found how to fix it!

    My questions are:
    What do you think about my solution?
    Do you have any ideas about the joins problem?
    Du you have a better solution to do it ?

    thanks by advance for your answers.

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    Mike Kudelya


    As i understood do you want to apply all changes to core which you made in new application? Do you look at replication?

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