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    Hi guys,

    I want to make available an “apiDoc” view, with only some specific routes (not all of them).
    This view will be available only for a few clients.

    I know that is easy to create a new view with Nelmio, but because of the Oro overriding i’m not sure how to do it properly.

    Indeed, i see that there is some class to generate the filters, documentations, etc.. dynamically, but these classes seem to be linked with the “rest_json_api” view!
    Furthermore, the routes are also handle dynamically.

    So, is there a way to add a new JsonApi view easily? with only some specific entities ?

    Thanks by advance.

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    Mike Kudelya


    I have created this controller action with two routes and connect it to nelmio template. Here is action:

    Nelmio template you can find there, just copy it or extend: vendor/nelmio/api-doc-bundle/Nelmio/ApiDocBundle/Resources/views/layout.html.twig

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