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    Kadir Yücel


    I try to add comment to a magento order. But it fails with that message:

    "Neither the property "order" nor one of the methods "addOrder()"/"removeOrder()", "setOrder()", "order()", "__set()" or "__call()" exist and have public access in class "Oro\Bundle\WorkflowBundle\Entity\WorkflowItem"."

    Commenting for entity “Magento Order” is activated. Schema update creates “order_142bf5fc_id” field in “oro_comment”

    my transition definition is:

    - @find_entity:
    class: OroCRM\Bundle\MagentoBundle\Entity\Order
    identifier: $order_id
    attribute: $.order
    - @create_entity: # create a comment
    class: Oro\Bundle\CommentBundle\Entity\Comment
    attribute: $.comment
    order: $.order
    message: $comment_message

    How can I associate order with comment in that case?

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    Yevhen Shyshkin


    1) You shouldn’t use property paths like $.order. Root entity of workflow is WorklfowItem, and $.order tries to access property “order” on a WorklfowItem (see error message). To do that you can either create new attribute in your flow and use it (e.g. attribute called “order” can be accessed via $order), or you can use “result” container as a temporary storage (i.e. use $.result.order instead of $.order). Same for $.comment.

    2) To associate comment with entity you should create Comment entity with action @create_entity (that you did), associate related entity via “target” property (you use “order” property instead) and fill relation fields, such as owner and organization (they can be copied from appropriate properties of order).

    If you still have issues related to your workflow – feel free to post them here.


    Kadir Yücel

    Thanx, this helped me!

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